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Ingrid Ulije créatrice robe de mariée bijou paris


Ingrid Ulije's creations arise from the encounter between fabric and jewelry. The designer draws her inspiration from the contradictions between these two materials: the fabric - fluid, soft, light - and the jewel - hard, glittering and majestic -. to create unique harmony outfits.

The models of the brand are entirely handmade by the designer, and in association with partners recognized for their expertise and their concern for quality. At each stage of manufacture, it is a specific know-how that is implemented for the result to be worthy of the women who wear the creations...

All models are made in France and born of a total confidence between the designer and the dressmaker, who makes a dress from the beginning to the end.

The jewels are created by Ingrid in her studio, and then consigned to her artisan-gilder who covers each creation with a thin layer of gold of 24 carats.

Ingrid Ulije also employs the known and recognized talents of the European Union: the designer carefully chooses her fabrics from renowned suppliers in the manufacture of high-end fabrics, the manufacture of crystals or jewelery items.



" I have always built my studies with the idea that one day I will create my own brand.

After a first degree in marketing, I decide that it is time to acquire the know-how that will allow me to create "with my hands". So I got my Fashion Designer diploma at the famous Italian fashion school Istituto Marangoni.

Diploma in hand, I begin to develop my experience as a stylist for creative offices and national and international brands; but the truth catches me up: I want to create my brand!

Four years after leaving school, I'm going back to school, this time to get my diploma in Arts and Techniques of Jewelery, awarded by the prestigious school of the French Union of Jewelery-Stones and Pearls.

It is in January 2017 that I create Ingrid Ulije, happy to finally be able to realize my dream. "

“ Ingrid Ulije c'est au départ un besoin de laisser s'exprimer une créativité,

et une nécessité de créer pour les autres.* “  

* "At the beginning, Ingrid Ulije it's the need to express a creativity,

and a need to create for others."


" With Ingrid Ulije, I want to send a message to women, as an ode to celebrate their beauty.

The woman is a being endowed with multiple facets. She is sometimes simple and complex ... Strong and fragile ... Sensitive and detached ... She's all at once, and that's what makes her SHINE.

I draw my dresses with the desire to represent what she is: romantic, melancholic, glamorous, mischievous, dreamy, bohemian... But also the desire to tell her sometimes contrasted personality... as contrasted as the fabric and the jewel. "

Ingrid Ulije créatrice robe de mariée bijou paris


" Ulije comes from the name of a street.

A street dear to my heart, where my family was born and who punctuated my childhood holidays.

Roots do what we are...

They are the starting point of our vision of the world, and the creation of our world... "




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Ingrid Ulije is a designer of "precious dresses"

She marries jewelry and silky fabrics to create original dresses, out of the classic codes.

French manufacturing⎟Made-to-measure and unique creations

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